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KARINA TOURS proposes you to practice Parasailing. It is a unique opportunity to contemplate from the air the beautiful views of the Costa Dorada.


Every day -from 11:00 a.m.- we will set sail from the facilities of the Marina Cambrils to carry out parasailing flights.

In our facilities you will receive a brief, but complete introduction to the dynamics of the parasailing flight. We will give you precise details about the maximum altitude, the sensation of flying and the safety regulations that we must follow and... we will be ready to enjoy this unique experience in the Mediterranean!

We´ll move out to sea with a high-speed boat to an area conducive to taking off with a parachute. The boat's acceleration maneuvers will allow the passengers - well attached to their harnesses and the parachute - to rise little by little over the sea with a pleasant ascent action.

Our company is the only one that lifts its passengers up to 80 meters high.

The parasailing activity will last approximately 12-15 minutes. per flight.

Up to 10 people can sail on the boat, therefore, there are two clearly differentiated times for enjoyment.

1º.- The duration of your parasailing flight experience.

2º.- The time of the boat ride. You will be able to enjoy - apart from your parasailing flight - a splendid walk through the waters of Cambrils. The flights will take turns until all passengers have enjoyed their experience. The total duration will depend on the number of people that make up the group that day and the weather conditions. In other words, if you wish, you can also spend more than two (2) hours sailing for the same price as parasailing.


· 1 person: € 60.

· 2 people (two-seater): € 95.

· 3 people (triple): € 140.

· You can bring a USB memory (the monitor can take 4k photos/videos during the walk): Service + €10.


· The activity is always carried out with a polyglot guide (who speaks several languages).


· Transportation by boat.

· Parasailing Monitor & Skipper of the boat.

· Approved safety material and all the necessary equipment to carry out the activity.

How & when to book:

· All Parasailing departures are made from the platform of the Marina Cambrils. Our professionals calculate the weather conditions every day to offer a safe and pleasant flight. Due to the natural conditions of Cambrils, we usually make the first departure after 11:00.

· We recommend making your reservation with enough time. Parasailing is a sport totally conditioned to the climatic conditions of the time. There may be cancellations and schedule changes. Therefore, do not wait until the last moment to book your Parasailing experience in Cambrils.

· It is necessary to request availability of schedules and confirmation of departure directly by WhatsApp or by phone.

Call right now to reserve and don't run out of space!

Trust me!

Ask for information without obligation!

KARINA (0034) 680 84 84 59 / WhatsApp / Viber


(We speak Spanish, Russian, English and French).

We answer calls and telephone reservations every day of the week including holidays.

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